The Two Most Wonderful Times of the Year

It’s not only in our native plant offerings that we’re all about the birds. Birds are a theme here throughout this fall/winter holiday. For Thanksgiving we had, amidst the squashes and gourds, large beautiful sunflower heads, Indian corn, and broom corn (sorghum). One couple was having so much fun watching the birds attack the sunflowers on their deck that they came in and bought the rest to put out! Corn or sorghum can also be put out for the critters as a way of sharing our bounty with them.

Birds, as we know, descend from dinosaurs. I remember when I was a child the grief I felt when I first realized I’d never see the head of a T. Rex bobbing past my third story bedroom window. I haven’t given up hope yet, though.  We’ve all seen Jurassic Park, right? Tinker with dinosaurs? What the heck. I say bring it on! For now, though, we make do with what we have… so, we made our own little Jurassic Park remnant with a couple of dinosaur nests, not unlike the ones found in China. Except just a little bit more… plastic-y.  Ah, well.  Good to keep oneself amused.

Bird-lovers are prominently featured in our birdhouses.

The odd fellow out is, of course, a bird dog.

For housing, there’s the on-the-road option…

…the cottage garden…

…or the purely whimsical:

We’re kind of in transition, with Thanksgiving not quite here and Christmas a ways off, but our Fraser firs and greens are here; the last shipment of gifts and ornaments is en route!  So, whether you’re in need of last-minute Thanksgiving decorations, or even if you’re already in the Christmas spirit, come in and see what we have, or call us and place an order!

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