Reasons to Plant in Autumn

The excitement of spring and getting the garden in is a ritual for many and can be like a Onions in groundgood cup of coffee after a long night’s sleep.   Spring planting rejuvenates us and our surroundings but fall planting should not be forgotten.  Planting in the fall allows you more time to enjoy the spring planting season and has many benefits.  Here are some of the reasons we tell our customers to plant now:

  • The soil is warmer in fall than in spring allowing roots to take hold quicker
  • You can still see what you have in the garden and add to it before everything has gone to sleep for winter
  • Growers/Nurseries have been growing and nurturing plants all season so many are larger and often on sale
  • The soil is easier to dig and amend than our compacted, soggy spring soil.
  • The weather is sunnier and crisp and just that perfect temperature for being outside
  • Late October and November rains take care of the watering for you
  • Things like kale, onion, garlic, peas and more can be planted now for an early spring crop
  • Spring-blooming bulbs, perennials and shrubs will be ready to provide you the first sight of color when the snow melts

Happy Planting!

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