August Update

Summer Sale!

All annuals, vegetables, herbs, and hanging baskets are sharply reduced, and sweet potato plants are available for just one dollar!

IMG_0813Perennials are 10% off starting July 31st – August 7th! We have the largest selection of interesting and hard-to-find perennials ever: a bevy of Penstemons and Artemisia, for example; hardy Alstroemeria; Chocolate Flowers, and lots more you may never have seen!

Seeds are on sale! 2015 seeds are Buy 1-Get 2 of the same price and company; 2016 seed is Buy 2-Get a third of the same price and company!  All you good gardeners know that old seed, properly stored (dry and dark), is generally good for a long while. In 2015, I grew a large portion of our vegetable plants last year from year-old seed. Fun fact on seed age and viability: Thirty-one thousand year-old seed of a Silene species germinated when given the right conditions.

Come Visit Our Market

Our Andy Miller farm, Amish, and organic market is in full swing! Market days are Wednesday and Saturday with some goods still in the shop on Thursdays and Sundays!  Products on offer vary from week to week, so if there’s something particular you’re interested, feel free to call ahead and we can let you know a bit more about what we’ve got!

Stock Update

On the perennial native side, we’ve brought in a huge selection of new plants and we’re growing more from seed. All are U.S. natives and nearly all are Ohio natives. We have about 40 beautiful grasses ub sticj (including only 3-4 cultivars)! We have four stunning native honeysuckles, as well as the native wisteria.  Many of these natives are in full bloom now, so come have a look! We also have native shrubs, vines, and trees.

We have expanded our selection this ear to include products from Baker’s Creek, Thyme Garden, Ohio Prairie, as well as more expanded selections from Renee’s, SeedSavers, and High Mowing.

The Last of the Miserable Construction

When last we updated, the road construction on Mayfield Rd. was mostly done, but now the last vestiges finally seem have cleared away! We’re doing our happy dance!


Sometimes We Remember to Garden Too!

We’ve on working on our own garden here at the store with a mind to creating a display that is all at once interesting, educational, good for pollinators and, hey, while we’re at it, nice to look at!  We’ve picked out a nice spot by our parking lot and planted a variety of friends, many of them raised from seed at the store: we have 4 kinds of Amaranth, and an beautiful grain used in the old world for food. One of the plants also supplies a red dye. All are pretty darned showy.

In this garden, we also have South African daisies; blue and black Nigella; Job’s Tears, the round pods of which can be used for jewelry; twenty-nine different sages, including Chia; three climbing Nasturtiums; two trumpet flowers; two horehounds; some crazy daisies; several Asian basils; and a partridge in a pear tree.

Thanks for reading, and we look forward to seeing you at the store soon!

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