Autumn News!


On Sale: Seeds!

2016 seed is buy two, get one of the same brand.
2015 seed is buy one, get two of the same brand.

“But wait,” we hear you saying. “Isn’t seed from 2015 sort of, you know, old?” Well, yes and no. While it is true that seeds don’t last forever, most seed, if stored properly – in a dry container/environment with no light – can last a very long time! Some seeds last longer than others. Onion and leek seeds, for example, just don’t have much staying power, but all of the vegetable plants I grew last year were all from year-old seed. Nature is amazing!

Did you know: The oldest known seed to germinate and grow was an 18,000+ year-old Silene. Talk about waiting for your moment!


On Sale: Perennials!

Perennials are also on sale, with savings starting at 20% off. We have a wonderful selection of hard-to-find border perennials which will delight the avid gardener: Artemesia; Penstemons; Sidalcea; Alcea rugosa and ‘Black Knight’; Angelica pachypoda and gigas; Spigelia marilandica; Crambe cordifolia; Solidaster; several Belamcanda; hardy Allstroemeria; Digitalis; Sanguisorba tenuifolia and more!


More in Stock!

We’ve got gobs of Salvia and some S. argentea, a biennial with giant, soft, downy, silver leaves you just want to switch out for your pillow.

We have 4 kinds of Amaranth, the Incan/Aztec grain, Zulu daisies, Salvias of every stripe, Gazania, 3 Digitalis, 3 Agastache (still small), some exotic Basil-New Guinea, Queenette, Red Rubin, Tulsi/Sacred, Leonotis about to bloom, mini-zinnias, Job’s Tears, Trumpet Flowers, Climbing Nasturtium, etc.

As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve got native plants and grasses galore! We brought them in this year to help the pollinators, but they’d also be happy in loving new homes! All are Midwest natives, mostly from Ohio.


Like your plants a little bigger? We’ve got fruit plants, bushes and trees (native and otherwise) also on sale.

We also have some beautiful and unusual bulbs coming in soon! Come see the poster of what we have to offer so you can plan.

Thanks for reading, and we’ll hope to see you soon!

– Penny

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