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Winter Hours, Seeds, and BEES!
January 19, 2017 / Penny

Hello from Perennials Preferred!

First things first: We wanted to make everybody aware of our winter hours.

Monday through Thursday: Closed
Friday and Saturday: 10:00am – 5:00pm
Sunday: 12:00pm – 5:00pm

Winter got you down? Bring some birds to your home for some extra cheer! We have a selection of seed at the stores, and we also take orders for quality Sommer’s birdseed of all sorts. Give us a call at 440.729.7885 to place an order. If we’re not there, leave a message, let us know what you’d like, and let us know how we can get in touch with you. You know the drill! We will even deliver seed right to your home if you’re close enough to us. Ask us if you’re in our delivery area!

It may not seem like it now, but before you know it spring will be here, which means it isn’t too soon to start thinking about your upcoming gardens! Our seeds from 2015 and 2016 are on sale. Experienced gardeners will know already that stored seed can last a long time if not exposed to excessive heat or moisture, and we keep our stock cool and dry.



Our Garden!
October 3, 2016 / Penny


I wanted to take a quick minute to talk about our storefront garden. We’ve been working hard on it all year, so we think it deserves a mention!

What kind of garden, you ask?


Autumn News!
September 19, 2016 / Penny


On Sale: Seeds!

2016 seed is buy two, get one of the same brand.
2015 seed is buy one, get two of the same brand.

“But wait,” we hear you saying. “Isn’t seed from 2015 sort of, you know, old?” Well, yes and no. While it is true that seeds don’t last forever, most seed, if stored properly – in a dry container/environment with no light – can last a very long time! Some seeds last longer than others. Onion and leek seeds, for example, just don’t have much staying power, but all of the vegetable plants I grew last year were all from year-old seed. Nature is amazing!

Did you know: The oldest known seed to germinate and grow was an 18,000+ year-old Silene. Talk about waiting for your moment!

August Update
August 1, 2016 / Penny

Summer Sale!

All annuals, vegetables, herbs, and hanging baskets are sharply reduced, and sweet potato plants are available for just one dollar!

IMG_0813Perennials are 10% off starting July 31st – August 7th! We have the largest selection of interesting and hard-to-find perennials ever: a bevy of Penstemons and Artemisia, for example; hardy Alstroemeria; Chocolate Flowers, and lots more you may never have seen! Continue…

The Roads Are Clear!
July 1, 2016 / Penny

Phew! We’re breathing a sigh of relief down here at the store because, for the last month or two, the roads have looked a bit like this, and getting here has been a royal pain in the neck!

PP road

Thankfully now, the roads are mostly open again! We’re doing our happy dance! Come on in and visit!