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For the Birds
January 11, 2016 / Penny

Hello good friends,

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…finally! The birds don’t care, though; they just  bag of bird seedknow it’s finally cold. Very cold. And they’re hungry.

 We’ve decided to carry birdseed, holiday seedcakes, and suet to support our feathered friends and to go along with our whimsical and beautiful birdhouses and feeders. We currently carry seventeen kinds of seed but will make every effort to get any variety we don’t have that you might want. I’m a big fan and still a trustee of the Audubon Society of Greater Cleveland.
Furthermore, if you live in the area, we will deliver to your house for a nominal fee!
The final bird-related news is that Penny has found a fellow who makes beautiful and amusing birdhouses. He will also come to your house and take a picture, then make a customized birdhouse which is a model of your own house for a reasonable fee. We plan to feature some of his work at the store soon.
Lastly, for those out there champing at the bit for spring, we have put all of our 2015 flower and vegetable seed on sale at buy-two-get-one-of-the-same-price -free.
Experienced growers will already know that old seed, properly protected from light and water, is generally viable, sometimes after a great deal of time (for the plant-lovers and crazies out there, have a look :
Current hours are:
Thurs. and Sun.  10:00-4:00
Fri. and Sat.         10:00-5:00

Happy New Year! We hope to see you soon.

Penny Orr